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Introduction to Fashion Crafts

fashion craftStaying on top of current fashion trends doesn’t have to break the bank. This introduction to fashion crafts will provide terrific ideas on creations which can be made from home. Many projects involve simple sewing, no sewing at all as well as painting and embellishment techniques to improve upon already created items.

Old into New

The thing that’s great about fashion is you can turn an old item such as a men’s shirt into something brand new and in style. In this example, you can take a large men’s button down shirt and transform it into a feminine shirt dress.

To do a project like this, begin by dismantling the old shirt by removing the sleeves, color and pocket. A plaid, linen or light striped shirt works well. If you are not a seamstress, simply take one of your shirts or tank tops and lay it on top of the men’s shirt. Trace around the outline to get the sizing for your new dress. If you have a pattern, you can also use this. From there you will sew, add ruffles to the bottom and collar area or any embellishments you may want and you have a brand new dress.

Another fun project is to take an inexpensive item such as foam flip flops and enhance them with art supplies. Simply use craft glue to attach embellishments. You can purchase beads, gemstones, feathers, seashells or flowers.


Fashion just isn’t fashion without the accessories. Creating fabulous hair pieces, bracelets and jewelry is a popular and easy solution. You won’t have to pay for expensive department store items and will create new and unique items which you can wear or sell if you choose.

You can also create handmade belts with a bit of crochet experience if you have it. Include round wooden rings attached to crocheted strips and you have a beautiful, bohemian belt which can tie around the waist. A simple crochet pattern can be found online or at your local craft store for this project.

Children and Fashion Crafts

head bandYou and your kids can make amazing fashion statements which they will be proud to wear anytime! Take an old tutu or leotard and sew on a skirt of tulle purchased from a craft store and you have a new dress up ballerina dress.

Another popular idea is to hand make your Halloween costumes using items around your house such as sheets, towels and old clothing. You will be surprised at how little skill you need to create these pricey items. You will save tons of money creating these fun projects rather than buying them already made and they are so easy.

Keep your eyes open for sales on fabric and crafts and look online for simple patterns and ideas as there is a wealth of information. Your children will enjoy helping and making accessories to go along with their new outfits too!

Having a basic introduction to fashion crafts will help you and your family explore alternative ways to save money and still make a statement. With a few simple items from a local craft store or around the house you can transform many things into new and fun ideas.


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