Godna Tribal Art

Traditional Godi godna has been restored by women in Jamgala, Sarguja’s, such as Safiano Bai, Budh Kunwar, and Ramkeli, by combining natural pigments obtained from the woods with acrylic paint to solidify them on fabrics.   Tablecloths, wall hangings, napkins, saris, kurtas, and even bed sheets are being made by …

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What is Sohrai?

Sohrai paintings are essentially folk art that is practiced mostly in the villages of Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh area. On the Sohrai festival, which usually falls 1 day after Diwali, ladies of the family generally paint their walls that are made of mud. After the harvesting of rice, the Harvest Festival is …

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What is Tikuli Art?

Tikuli is a term for Bindi. Historically, the Bindi has been used as a symbol of intellectual devotion and women’s modesty preservation. However, in modern Bihar, it’s become a sign of women’s empowerment. Making these artworks is a time-consuming and difficult procedure. The method requires fifteen steps, from cutting the …

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Bhil Tribal Art

It’s been said that to understand an area’s artistic work is to understand the place itself. Bhil artwork is the tribal artwork of India’s Bhil tribal. The Bhils are the second biggest tribe in India, living in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh in central and western …

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Gond Tribal Art

Gond Art is artwork done by the Gond tribe in India. It has its origins in the centre of India, specifically (Madhya Pradesh). It originates in Madhya Pradesh, but it has also been found in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa. The Gonds are India’s biggest tribal population today, and …

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A complete Guide to Kalighat Paintings, A prominent Indian Artform

Kalighat paintings are a type of traditional Indian art that originated in Kolkata. Kalighat paintings are characterized by their use of bold colors and simple lines. These paintings typically depict scenes from Hindu mythology, and they are often used to tell stories or teach moral lessons. They were originally created …

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